Mühlner Motorsport Gears Up for the 51st 24H Race

The Spa-Francorchamps based Mühlner Motorsport Team is about to unleash its thunder at the Dubai Autodrome for the 51st 24-hour showdown this January 2024. From conquering Spa to tearing up Nürburgring and Daytona, we’re writing racing history in less time than it takes to hail a cab.

Legacy of Precision and Power:

Mühlner Motorsport’s journey is marked by precision, top-notch performance, and a gritty racing spirit. Picture two Porsche 992 Cup beasts owning the Dubai 24H Series Race, a showcase of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of endurance racing.

From the Harbor to the Racetrack:

Our machines and gear are riding the waves in a container, making their way to Dubai. But this isn’t just another race; it’s a celebration of Mühlner Motorsport’s endurance in the world of racing.

Mühlner Motorsport’s Racing DNA:

At our core, there’s a raw passion for the sport, a dedication that’s seen us rise above every challenge and celebrate victories on the asphalt. This race isn’t just about crossing the finish line; it’s about the journey, the adrenaline, and the camaraderie that defines endurance racing.

Secure Your Racing Ticket:

For those eager to taste the asphalt of Dubai, Mühlner Motorsport you are welcome to take the wheel. Find out what it takes to roll with the coolest crew in racing, where speed, strategy, and the raw energy of endurance racing come together.

Two Questions to Get Your Engine Roaring:

  1. What’s the secret to Mühlner Motorsport owning the streets in 24-hour races?
    • Take a trip down our racing lane, where we’ve thrown down on the asphalt and built a legacy that resonates with endurance racing.
  2. Why choose the Porsche 992 Cup for the Dubai 24H Series Race, and what makes it a track-ready beast?
    • Get under the hood and discover why the Porsche 992 Cup is the king we’re unleashing in Dubai. It’s not just a car; it’s a statement.

 It’s not just a race; it’s a celebration of endurance racing. Be part of the journey.


JUNIOR SHOOTOUT! A Season for less than 5.000 Euros*

During winter 2023/24 there will be LMP3 Junior Shoot-Outs at the following venues on the dates mentioned. We are offering test sessions of 2 hours / 200km (whichever comes first) with our Duqueine D08 for 4.950€ net (VAT can apply).

 Candidates should be

  • “beginners“ in the LMP categories
  • successful karting or formula racing is no problem
  • not older than 21 years (exceptions are possible)
  • not contracted for 2024 by sponsors, automotive manufacturers or other teams

A three-person committee (engineer / LMP driver / media & marketing) will announce the one or maximum two best candidates at the end of each Junior-Shoot-Out-event.

In Barcelona on March 5/6 ALL the best candidates from all LMP3 Junior Shoot-Outs will take part in a final Shout-Out and the winner will receive a participation in the Prototype Cup Germany 2024* free of charge.


*The participation in all rounds of Prototype Cup Germany (together with another driver named by us) is free of charge with the exception of the deductible (limited to €37,5K per case)

Winner has to cover his travel costs, accommodation and expenses. He is responsible for homologated driver gear including a perfect working radio headset. Overall and team wear will be provided by the team and must be used.

Winner has to sign with us, that he has to participate in all rounds (mandatory) of PCG 2024 (there will be an option for an ongoing cooperation for 2025 and beyond).

Winner has to drive exclusively for us in 2024 and may not advertise for other teams, other sponsors or other automotive manufacturers.

This is a great deal and beside helping a young talent we are looking for a winning driver representing our team, our sponsors and the Automotive manufacturer we are working with in international Motorsport not only in 2024 but also beyond.

Regulations and restrictions apply. Legal recourse is excluded.



Barcelona (November 21/22)

Portimão (December 14/15)

Estoril (January 10/11)

Portimão (January 16/17)

Portimão (January 22/23)

Valencia (February 26/27)

Aragon (February 29 / March 1)

Contact us now for more details lmp@muehlner.racing